Frequently asked questions

People often have questions about our church. We've done our best to try and answer them below.

General FAQs


1. What is it like at San Clemente Church?

If you like the feeling of awesome, then you are going to LOVE San Clemente Church. You can expect a friendly welcome, from a group of great people at an amazing place.


2. What is the worship service like?

This isn’t your grandma’s church, but she’ll enjoy coming! Our worship services include a time of worship through music and practical Bible teaching. We value creativity, love to laugh, don’t take ourselves very seriously, but are serious about helping people encounter the good news of God’s grace every week!


3. Do I have to dress up?

Nope. San Clemente is a beach town and San Clemente Church is a beach church. Many of the students often have sandy toes when they get here. If you're comfortable in a suit and tie, come in a suit and tie. If it's shorts and a t-shirt, that's good too.


4. What about my kids... where do they go?

We have age-appropriate options for kids of all ages at every service. For more specific information check out the Kids & Youth page.


5. Where should I park?

We have parking lots on both the north and south sides of the campus. Plus, there is street parking available. Some people even like to park at the pier and enjoy a nice walk up the hill.


6. Can I have my wedding at the church?

You sure can. As long as it's not on a Sunday morning. Our facility was made for weddings!
Come check out our ocean view patio and larger reception area. You can also learn more on our Weddings & Memorials page.

Wedding FAQs


1. How many people can your church hold?

We have many options for your event. Our Sanctuary: max occupancy 800, our Chapel: max occupancy of 100, the Patio: max seating of 180 with tables, and 250 with theatre style seating (no tables), Fellowship hall: max seating of 250 with tables and 350 if staged theatre style (no tables).


2. If I have my reception here can we have alcohol?

On our campus we do not allow any alcohol and expect our guests to follow this rule as well. Our campus does extend to the parking lots and guests drinking in the parking lot then coming on campus will not be tolerated.


3. What does the site fee include?

Includes use of the campus for your rehearsal and wedding day i.e.: your ceremony location, bride’s room, an area for the groom, cleaning of the space before and after your event, and an event coordinator.


4. Do you have a dance floor or will we need to rent one?

We do not have a dance floor but Signature Party Rental is a vendor who knows our campus well and can get you the appropriate size floor for this space.


5. Do you have a room that my bridal party can get ready in?

We have a specific bride’s room that is separated from the rest of our main areas so none of your guests or the groom will be able to see you or your bridal party.


6. Do you have a space where we can do our “first look” that will be separate from everyone?

We believe that your first look should be a private moment for the bride and groom. It is our job as wedding coordinators to allow you and your fiancé this important time alone together. We will plan this with you and decide where you want to have this happen on our campus and who, if anyone, you want present for this moment.


7. Can I have an aisle runner with flower petals on it for my ceremony?

An aisle runner is allowed in any of our ceremony locations. We do not provide one so you would need to rent it. In any of our inside locations (Sanctuary, Chapel, and Fellowship Hall) you can only use silk flower petals. Our patio location you may have real petals. No exceptions can be made for this rule.


8. Do chairs come as part of the rental package or do I need to rent additional chairs?

Our standard chairs do come with the rental package. Please note: they are not white foldable “wedding” chairs or Chiavari chairs. If that is the look you are requesting you will need to rent them from another vendor. In addition we do not provide chair covers or linens. Signature Party Rentals is a wonderful vendor with many options for any of your additional party needs.


9. Are there any restrictions on flowers in the sanctuary? Can we use pew hangers, and have flowers on the upper shelf below the stained glass?

You can have flowers in pew hangers; we ask that you have a system for hanging them so there is no damage to the pews themselves.


10.  Are we required to use your pastor if we get married at your church?

You are not required to utilize one of our pastoral staff. However, should you have an outside person officiate your special day we require that our pastor meet with them, or if they aren’t able to come in, that they speak over the phone. This is just to ensure that their ideals about theology align to our ideals.


11. Do you have a wedding arch we can use?

At this time we do not provide any archway, urns or other “wedding” items. You would need to rent any extra items you would like for your ceremony.


12. Can we have candles with “Open Flames” on the church grounds?

Candles can absolutely set the scene for a beautiful wedding day. Open flame is allowed in all of our ceremony locations.  We do ask however than you have the candles in a glass candle holder or hurricane so as to prevent any wax from dripping onto the ground, carpet, or stands.


13. Do you allow weddings any day of the week or just Saturday and Sunday?

We do allow weddings Friday-Sunday keeping in mind we are an active church campus so Friday weddings would need to be after 4pm when our preschool gets out, Saturday anytime, and Sunday anytime after 2pm.


14. How do the payments work if I want to secure my date and proceed with planning?  If I need to cancel for any reason will I get my money back?

After meeting with our events coordinator you will submit a $500 deposit to secure your wedding date, that is non refundable. After that payment is made we will set dates for your next payments to be made.  You final payment will be due no later than 2 weeks prior to your wedding.


15. Can we pay with Credit Card or do you just take cash or check?

We accept all forms of payment and if you prefer can keep your credit card number on file and we can specify dates for each date of payment.


16. Can we hang items in the sanctuary/chapel/fellowship hall?

Any items hung must be done in a way that will not cause any damage to the facility; this includes nails, staples, pins, and regular tape. You may tie items up with string or ribbon or possibly use the blue painter’s tape which doesn’t damage the paint or leave adhesive residue.

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